Saturday, May 19, 2018


Dear Sir/Madam,

I sincerely apologize to you if this massage doesn't constitute your business / personal ethics and for prying into your privacy. I am Dr. Ansel Oliver Theodore, the Director of the Economic Community Of West African States ECOWAS in Cotonou Republic of Benin. The reason am contacting you is because I have the sum of US$85Million { EIGHT FIVE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS } in a fix deposit account Stashed in the security save in our our Security vault here in Cotonou Republic of Benin which I am the account officer and I want to transfer to your bank account these funds for our mutual benefit.

These funds have been here for more than eight (8) years and the owner is late. The owner died without stating his next of kin. He was a TOP POLITICIAN and as a matter of fact he controls the crude oil sales as he was the petroleum minister. I am convinced that these large sums is from crude oil sales extractions and inflation of oil contracts bills.

If you are willing to work with me, then we shall share the money 65% : 30%, that is 65% for me and 30% for you and 5% for all expenses that might be accrued by both sides during the course of this transfer. You can be rest assured that this transfer will be 100% risk free and as the Director of the company and the account officer of the deceased, I will facilitate all the necessary paper work in your favor as the beneficiary of the account and have my friend in the bank who is the present Foreign Remittance Director release funds in your bank account.

If you are interested in this deal. Please do write back with your full details such as;

Your Full names:
Tel. / Mobile numbers:

Looking forward to your positive response while maintaining optimum discretion

Yours Truly
Dr. Ansel Oliver Theodore.
Tel: +229 62 012330

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Relative of my late boss


I'm Janet Malone, a British citizen living and working in Birmingham. I'm contacting you because I believe you are related to my late boss. Far back in the late 90s and early 20s, I was the personal assitant to a good, gentle but wealthy man who died on January 28 2007. He was very kind to my family and I was committed to serving him with all my heart. His death till today remains a big blow to my family and I. Since his death, there hasn't been any claimant coming foward for his estate, which includes properties, shares and money.

I contracted the services of a private investigator since after I saw the personal attorney to my deceased boss sometime in October last year. He told me there hasn't been any claimant to the estate of my late boss because he died along with his only surving wife and daughters. His daughters, Sharon and Anita were my friends too. The lawyer told me he's 100% positive that if I can find a possible relative to the deceased, he will guaranty us that the estate of my late boss will be released to you. If not, after this year, the entire estate will be confiscated by the government as an "unclaimed estate" with no POSSIBLE relative.

My purpose of contacting you is this.. Just yesterday, I got a report from the investigator that after conducting an intensive search, you seem to be the only possible relative to my late boss. I have not told the lawyer about this yet because I want to contact you first to be sure the email address given to me by the investigator is correct. Though, I'm not very certain about this yet, I believe it's best I discuss this with you first before notifying the lawyer. Though, since you bear the same last name with my late boss, I believe the findings of the investigator to be true.

Kindly confirm that your email is correct and we can discuss more about this.

I hope to get your reply as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Janet Malone
Sales Manager
Orchid Tours Ltd.
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sunday, April 15, 2018

سرية على التوالي

صديق عزيز
أنا فرانك فرانك آنو ، مدقق حسابات داخلي في لومي-توغو. اشرح اهتمامك
باستلام تحويل (3.8 مليون دولار) ثلاثة ملايين وثمانية ألف دولار من
دولارات الولايات المتحدة 50٪ بالنسبة لي و 50٪ لك ستقف كالمراجع من ذوي
القربى لعملائنا الراحل الذي هو حاليا حساب في البنك هنا في لومي توجو
نوبة قلبية عام 2010 دون أي تسجيل أقرب الأقرباء لأنه طلق منذ فترة طويلة
وليس لديه طفل يمكننا العمل معا كشريك حتى نتمكن من المطالبة بالصندوق
ومشاركته 50/50

أنصحك بالاحتفاظ بهذا الأمر على أنه "سري للغاية" لأنني لا أزال في
الخدمة وأعتزم التقاعد من الخدمة بعد نجاح المعاملة إذا قبلت عرضي سأعطيك
المزيد من التفاصيل حول هذه المعاملة بمجرد أن أسمع منك

تحياتي الحارة
السيد فرانك آنو

Friday, April 13, 2018

Can I Trust You My Friend

My Dear Beloved Friend,
Greetings. Please let this not sound strange to you because I am not asking you of money, for my only surviving lawyer who would have done this died early this year. I prayed and got your email address from your country's guest book which I have been with my late husband and I wish to visit once more if God will in his infinite mercies grant me. In function of your good profile, I want to solicit your assistance in the discharge of my will. I am Mrs. Susan Read from London and am aged 65 years suffering from endometrial cancer. Please, I want you to help me create a charitable project with the money that I inherited from my deceased husband who died in a motor accident.  I was brought up from a motherless baby's home and was married to my late husband for twenty nine years without a child.
My friends have plundered so much of my wealth since my illness and I cannot live with the agony of entrusting this huge responsibility to any of them anymore, so I sold all my inherited belongings and deposited all the sum of 9m Pounds with my bank. All I need is an honest person who will use at least %60 of the funds as I instructed, then the rest %40 will go to you for helping me accomplish this mission because donating this money to charity is the only legacy I can leave behind after my death. No money is required from you to carry on with this project because it is my heart desire to make a generous gift to you to work for a charity in your country, I don't mind if you are a Christian or Muslim, but I don't know if I can trust you because there are greedy and fraudulent people over the world. I will give you more details as soon as I hear from you.
Looking forward for your urgent response.
Mrs. Susan Read.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Re: ATM CARD==CODE (222)

Attention: Beneficiary,
This is to officially inform you that we have verified your inheritance file and found out that why you have not received your payment are because you have not fulfilled the obligations given to you in respect of your inheritance payment.
Secondly we have been informed that you are still dealing with none officials in the bank all your attempt to secure the release of the fund to you. We wish to advise you that such an illegal act like this have to stop if you wish to receive your payment since we have decided to bring a solution to your problem. Right now we have arranged your payment through our swift card payment center Asia pacific that is the latest instruction from Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari (gcfr) president federal republic of Nigeria and federal ministry of finance.
This card center will send you an atm card which you will use to withdraw your money in any atm machine in any part of the world, but the maximum is three thousand dollars per day, so if you wish to receive your fund this way please let us know by contacting the card payment center and also send the following information to enable him proceed immediately:
1. Full name:
2. Phone and fax number:
3. Address were you want them to send
The atm card to (p.o box not acceptable):
4. Your age and current occupation:
However, kindly find below the contact person:
Mr. Godwin I. Emefiele
Governor Central Bank of Nigeria
Tel:  +234809 4180 250
The ATM card payment center has been mandated to issue out $10,000,000.00 as part payment for this fiscal year 2018. Also for your information, you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your ATM payment.
Make sure you contact Mr. Godwin I. Emefiele, at this number  +234809 4180 250 as soon as you receive this important message for further direction and also update me on any development from the above mentioned office.
Note that because of impostors, we hereby issued you our code of conduct,which is (atm-222) so you have to indicate this code when contacting the card center by using it as your subject.
Best regards,
Senator.Bukola Saraki
Senate President.
Address: No. 3Maputo Street, Wuse
Zone 3,Abuja.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


                                       URGENT - HELP ME DISTRIBUTE MY $12 MILLION TO HUMANITARIAN.
This mail might come to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it as unserious could come into your mind but please consider it a divine wish and accept it with a deep sense of
I am Mrs Helen George and I am a 61 years old woman. I am a South african married to a Sierra Leonian. I was the President/CEO of CON OIL INTERNATIONAL-an oil servicing company in johannesburg.I was also married with no child. My husband died 3years ago.
Before this happened my business and concern for making money was all I was living for and I never really cared about other people.
But since the loss of my Husband and also because i had have no child to call my own, I have found a new desire to assist the helpless, I have been helping orphans in orphanages/motherless
homes/humanitarians. I have donated some money to orphans in Sudan, Ethiopia, Cameroon,Spain, Austria, Germany and some Asian countries.
IN SUMMARY:- I have 12,000,000.00 (twelve million) U. S. Dollars which I deposited in a security company in Cotonou Benin republic as a family treasure & artifiarts, please I want you to note that
the security company does not know the real content to be money and I want you to assist me in claiming the consignment & distributing the money to charity organizations,I agree to reward
you with part of the money for your assistance, kindness and participation in this Godly project.
Before I became ill, I kept $12 Million in a long-term deposit in a security company which I declared as a family treasure & artifiarts. I am in the hospital where I have been undergoing
treatment for oesophageal cancer and my doctors have told me that I have only a few months to live.
It is my last wish to see this money distributed to charity organizations.
Because my relatives and friends has plundered so much of my wealth since my illness, I cannot live with the agony of entrusting this huge responsibility to any of them. Please, I beg
you in the name of God to help me collect the $12 Million which I deposit with the name of my late husband as the next of kin because now due to my health the security company is demanding
for a next of kin in other to get the money transfered in other to see that my last wish is accomplished which is sharing the money among charity organizations.
You are at liberty to use your discretion to distribute the money and feel free as well to reimburse yourself when you have the money for any expenses in distributing the money to charity
organizations. I am willing to reward you for your assistance and kindness.
Kindly expedite action and contact me via email at( )for more details.
May the good Lord bless you and your family.
Best Regards.
Mrs Helen George

Monday, March 12, 2018

Re:unlimited SMTP server/admin RDP/https cpanel/tools hot selling

Hello there,


We provide SMTP server/RDP/cpanel/2018 fresh leads and etc tools for bulk mailing marketing, please check below updated tools list, please do not hesitate add my contacts for professional advice.


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Plan 1: Unlimited SMTP server + licensed Turbo Mailer + admin RDP/Price: $155/Monthly

Plan 2: Unlimited web-based SMTP (no need RDP and sender software such as Turbo mailer or AMS)/Price:$175/Monthly

Plan 3: licensed licensed Supmer mailer + admin RDP + 5 SMTP rotate/price: $255/Monthly

Plan 4: Unlimited SMTP server/Price: $99/Monthly

(plan 4 include sender address/username/password/smtp server, need work with turbo mailer/AMS/Sendblaster etc...)

Plan 5: Unlimited web-mail 

Roundcube webmail (bcc up to 1000 emails)price: $135/Monthly

Zimbra webmail (bcc up to 1000 emails)price: $155/Monthly

Plan 6:admin RDP

1-below location admin RDP price: $35/Monthly


2-below locations admin RDP price: $45/Monthly

HongKong/China/Indian/Japan/Singapore/South Korea/Brazil/Colombia/Mexico/Indonesia/Israel/Malaysia/Pakistan/Taiwan/Thailand/Tureky/U.A.E/Vietnam/Australia/Egypt/New Zealand/Nigeria/South Africa

Plan 7: business/CEO & CFO/private email lead

1- business company email leads: $35 per 100k

2- CEO & CFO email leads: $50 per 100k 

Plan 8: https cpanel

1-bulletproof WHM + https cpanel/price: $55/Monthly

dedicated ip/host any page/ignore any complaints/client can create unlimited cpanel user accounts 

2-normal https cpanel/price: $35/Monthly

for normal usage/host legal page only/one cpanel user account

Plan 9: email blast sender software

1-Turbo mailer/price: $20 with lifetime license

2-Sendblaster/Price: $155 with lifetime license

3-BBmail email marketing software/price: $155 with lifetime license

BBmail email marketing software can realize multiple SMTP rotate, get better delivery

Plan 10: email extractor/price: $155 with lifetime license

1- lifetime license/update to latest version any time

2- extract email by keywords or URL

3- extract email from targeted country

Plan 11: email verifier/price $135 with lifetime license

1- remove invalid emails/get better email performance


Payment we accept:

1- Perfect Money

2- Bitcoin

3- Western Union

4- Money Gram

5- Bank T/T


Smart marketing info & tech solutions ltd.

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